Kickstart your 2015!

Kickstart your 2015!

As Creative Technologists, we create new ideas every day, we analyze their value to the market and we transforms these concepts into working prototypes. Taking these Prototypes one step further: that is what Kickstarter is all about. Gaining support from people who back your ideas, receiving investments from people who want your product and realizing your own business by means of crowd-funding: it is the hype of our generation and the success of the future. And, truth be told, who does not want to be the first when it comes to new, cool gadgets? Check out these live Kickstarters now! As you may have heard during the past couple of weeks, Creative Technology is one Kickstart phenomenon richer! After the great success of Homey by Athom, Printr has also started their Kickstart project and are well on their way to reaching their goal. They have created a great software for 3D printers, making sure that the 3D printers are being used to their full potential. 1*had8lbpKLtGufD2GhbvoZQ Something that could really come in handy when CreaTing prototypes: EasyPlug Air by Inxus Interactive. This is a

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wireless sensor shield for the Arduino. This means that you can use the already set up sensors in your project without having to physically attach them to the Arduino. No more uneccessary wiring mistakes or hassles. 98c17711458c795d445830b680995256_large Another quite interesting product is DISPLIO, a ‘Small WIFI display that tracks what is important to you’. Basically, it can keep track of things like your agenda, your mail, business statistics, Facebook likes, weather, you name it! It is still a bit on the expensive side, but if you want to keep updated easily or put it next to your product to showcase your product’s popularity, it is worth to check it out! displio-2 A very noteworthy product is the KiiTAG 2, the “Digital Swiss Knife for Android and iOS”. One small product consists of everything you need in an emergency. No more power? It has a back-up battery to charge your phone or use the USB cable to charge your phone. No more memory left on your phone? It has additional space on the KiiTAG. No light? It has a flash light? In an emergency? Make a fake call, send a message or take a selfie. KiiTAG-Lead Another successful kickstarter project is Prynt, the first instant camera case for Android or Iphone. Basically, what this gadget does is that it can directly print any foto from your smartphone to a small, polaroid inspired picture. Another feature, which was quite surprising but very inspiring, was that they use augmented reality: you record about six seconds before you take your picture. When scanning the printed picture with an application, you see the movie leading up to that moment. A fun, quirky gadget! Prynt Coming Soon! Any snowboard fanatic, pay close attention: these fancy looking snowboard bindings are coming soon! Quite honestly, you could have been sold by their incorporation of LED lights, which win any CreaTer over, but they will be able to do so much more. These XON Snow-1 bindings can connect to your smartphone and record specific data such as your balance (visually structured as pressure points in a specific foot) and acceleration. Learn what you have to focus on to become an even better snowboarder. cerevo-unveils-xon-snow-1-connected-snowboard-bindings-1 Successful Products Remember that 3Ddoodler 2.0 everyone was talking about around our Facebook page? Well, the Kickstarter was a great success and the 3Ddoodler can now actually be pre-ordered on their website! Order quickly and be the first who can draw their 3D images using a pen only. 3doodler-main

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