Big Hero 6 — The ‘Balala’ movie of the year!

Big Hero 6 — The ‘Balala’ movie of the year!

This review is about the new animated movie Big Hero 6. Even though I really have tried to avoid mentioning any big spoilers or reveal the most hilarious jokes in the movie, please keep the following thought in the back of your mind: even with these great intentions, I remain really bad at it. Read at

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your own risk!

Not many movies accomplish what this movie did: laughter right from the beginning. When the Tokyo-inspired Golden Gate Bridge filled the screen and the location of ‘San Fransokyo’ was revealed, the audience could not help but laugh and enter the right state of mind for the rest of the movie.

In this futuristic city of San Fransokyo lives Hiro, a 14-year old Robotics genius who had finished his high school at the age of 13 and filled his days with robot fighting. He slayed the best fighters and earned cash like no 14-year old should, to the dismay of his older brother, Tadashi, who believed Hiro could accomplish so much more with that big brain of his.

At this point in the movie, I could do nothing but sigh and hope that robot fighting would not be the main theme of the movie. But, as always, Disney did not let me down, because here Tadashi’s invention made his entrance: “Baymax, your personal healthcare companion”.

With his sumo-wrestler inspired shape, balloon like structure and adorable face, Baymax instantly became the audience’s best friend. Not only did he show compassion and tried to help out every which way he could (not like he had a choice really, he was programmed to), he also reminded me a little bit of a clumsy, innocent little brother.

For example, the stool incident. As Baymax was making his way to Hiro to help him out, he encountered a stool right in front of his feet. The couple seconds that followed is a perfect example of the deadpan, simplistic humor that made this movie so great: Baymax did nothing. He watched and thought about how to solve this problem. With his gigantic, inflated body, he leaned over and picked up the stool, only to place it a couple of feet further to the side. This humor is so easy but so funny at the same time, it is enjoyable for any age.

The movie also covers a subject that almost no Disney Classic has touched upon before: technology. Baymax, the first Robot Health Companion, was something that had been a dream for many about twenty years ago. However, as the years progress, a robot specialized in health is now something that is being strived to.

Many other technologies were introduced in the movies as well, such as mentally controlled nanobots, magnetic levitation discs and jetpacks. Even though these technologies are something that we can only dream of right now, imagine where we will be in twenty years.

As the friendship between Baymax and Hiro grows on their journey to learn what happened and to avenge a loved one, the more the audience gets sucked into the well-written story and the beautifully animated images. But as any other Disney success, the humor is what made the movie last in my thoughts and heart.

And as a personal side note, I absolutely loved Aunt Cass’ house: the build-in seat in the window with the many cushions, the colorful kitchen and the beautiful continuous staircase has now been added to my favorite design. Let’s see if there are any places for rent in San Fransokyo!


  1. Rens says:

    Kudos for this article!

    Whereas I was there at the time of watching the movie, I had skipped reading this piece, thinking it wouldn’t add anything.
    I was dead wrong! You actually pointed things out I hadn’t realised yet. And that doesn’t happen very often. (Although Disney is making a habit of doing it this way, ‘hiding’ little details and huge themes in a movie 🙂 )

  2. Jeroen Ritmeester says:

    I absolutely love this movie and I have so many good memories that come with it. Great article, love the title hahaha.

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