CreaTe at the SpinAwards: Headway

CreaTe at the SpinAwards: Headway

Creative Technology students are often trying to bring their ideas onto the market already during their study. Second year students Bouke Regnerus, Jason van Eunen, Raoul Fasel and Janwillem te Voortwis saw their chance in the SpinAwards with their product ‘Headway’ and made it to the next round! An interview. What are the SpinAwards and how did you get involved? The SpinAwards are given to the most innovative digital concepts, which do not need to be developed. Creative Technology was given the chance to bring forward a team with such an idea. After pitching, Headway was chosen for the next round. What is the idea behind Headway? Headway is a platform to present your experiences in life online in a structured way. We noticed people are getting tired of Facebook, with timelines filled with funny pictures and meaningless posts. On Headway, you can create progress bars for events or experiences in your life. Those can be anything; from seeing all Seven Wonders of the World to completely

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watching Game of Thrones. At important moments, you can place a milestone on your timeline, accompanied by for example photo’s. That way, everyone can showcase what is actually important to them, and motivate themselves to do things. What will motivate people to share their life events and take a look at those of others? Headway has a homepage similar to Facebook’s ‘timeline’. Like people do on Facebook, people can share the events here. If you have similar events, for example if you both watch Game of Thrones, you will be able to compare your progress. This also gives a game element to the platform. Not unimportant for CreaTers; how do you plan to make money from this idea? To be honest, that is not our priority. The idea was generated during a brainstorm session, just for the fun of it. A more important reason for taking part in the SpinAwards, is that it offers a chance to network. But if we meet people that way who offer us to help with actually developing that idea, we’d certainly like that! 18861_qryzma0_c_800

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