First & Second year ’15 Video Projects Showcase

First & Second year ’15 Video Projects Showcase

During the first and fifth modules, Creative Technology students produced different videos for their project : An interactive movie for the first year and an animated one for the second year. This article, written with the precious help of Thijs Berends, is simply meant as a showcase to support the awesome work done during these modules. Don’t forget to tell us which are your favorite in the comments !

Did I forget to mention your project in this article ? Contact me and I will fix that !

First Year Students Interactive Videos :

With only the use of Ximple as a mandatory requirement, the very first project for our new students was an opportunity to go crazy creative, and they did.

Future Video Project” by Sjoerd Baarslag, Niels van Huizen, Denise van Ingen, Jireh Lam, Marrit Schellekens and Tiemen Wierda

“You wake up, dress, and sit down to watch some television as you do every day. But then a mysterious voice starts speaking in your ear….What crazy journey will you embark upon? You decide!”

The destiny changer” by Artemi Liku, Paulius Gagelas, Nikita Vaneev and Chulakit Dumnoenchanvanit


“You wake up in the middle of a forest, two options : follow you boss’ orders or rescue your friend, either way there’s gonna be action !”

University Murders” by Gijs Steggink, Zoë Bosschaart, Niels Dikken and Jaimy de Kok and Laura van der Neut


“University murders is an interactive video wherein an professor is murdered at the University of Twente. In the video the player has to find the murderer by making different choices. If you make the right decisions you will get hints and you can find out who the murderer is.”

The Babysitter” by Linde van den Elzen, Floor Visser, Charonne Smit, Felicia Elskamp and Christiaan Verloop


“Follow the story of a professor that starts babysitting a very difficult child…Will she handle it or not ? It’s up to the audience to decide.”

The Gambler” by Philippe Tuinman, Timo Slob, Joey Haas, Quinton Denman, Karen Sturm and Yvon Gankema


“An addicted gambler who developed a really big debt gets in trouble…The viewer will decides how he should solve his problem.”

No Excuse” by Jasper Pot, Shannon Smit, Betty Markova, Sun Ok and Thijs Berends


“Three girls, one boy, who will survive the war called love ?”

Second Year Students Animation Movies :

These projects were part of the New Media module for second year students. It shows how good our students can be with only a few months of experience with 3D modelling, animation and rendering.

Jammin’Kitchen” by  Levin Pablo Trautwein and Robin Schmidt

“A kitchen comes to life and starts jamming when it’s owner leaves the house”

The Cat and the Elephant” by Jorien Kip and Kelly van Tol

“Follow the story of an elephant and a cat, looking for some sunshine”

A rustworthy friend” by Selwyn Nypels and Jeroen Jansen van Rosendaal

“A short movie about Carl, who buys a car and then travels the world with it for many years. After 10 years his car has seen better days and Carl seemingly buys a new car…”

Tripping in Space” by Eline Oppewal and Luciënne de With

“Tripping in Space is a 3D animation video about 3 aliens who want to go on a trip in space”
Quote from the authors : “Short summary of the production : frustrations & tea.”

Sokl” by Evelien Nieuwenburg and Jorim Johannes Theuns

“A group of flip top Grolsch do battle with a troop of heineken bottles in a battle for control of the bar.”
Quote from the authors : “It’s a work in progress, better camera movements and rendering will come soon !”

Shattered Dreams” by Jasmijn Kruijshaar & Merel Meekes

“One minute short about a ballerina dreaming of breaking away from her music box.”
Quote from the authors : “The dream which becomes a reality for a moment, but seems to be an illusion at last…”

Dream Factory” by Calvin Kho and Yoann Latzer

“Do androids dream of electric sheep ? Well, in our case not really, but to escape from the darkness of its grey cell our small robot will go to a naturalistic, relaxing place.”


25 yo Creative Technology student from France "Quelle est votre plus grande ambition dans la vie ?" "Devenir immortel... et puis... mourir."

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