Starbucks tasting

How much do the people who serve you a delicious Frappucino and Pumpkin Spice Latte truly know about coffee? That’s what Eline and I wanted to find out. You probably all noticed that we have a Starbucks now in the Educafé for a couple of months. Eline and I really love Starbucks and asked Pam, one of the lovely ladies behind the counter, if we could get a tasting. During this tasting we got to know David, another Starbucks barista. He told us about the history of coffee, the difference between blond and darker roast coffee and how a piece of chocolate can alter the taste of coffee. Want to know more? Check out the video of the Starbucks tasting below.

And I almost forgot to tell you: you can get a price reduction the coming two weeks at Starbucks. Tell them the keyword ‘Proto Tasting‘ and you get a price reduction of €0,75. Enjoy!

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