First & Second year Projects Showcase January 16′

First & Second year Projects Showcase January 16′

A new year has started but our second and sixth modules just ended, and as usual Creative Technology students worked on a lot of different concept and delivered prototypes for their modules’ projects. This article, made with the crucial help of Thijs Berends, will briefly present a selection of these and eventually discuss the future CreaTers planned for these. You want your project in this article ? Contact me and I will fix that !

First Year : Smart Environments (Module 2)


This project group called iCycle worked on a weather-dependent traffic light system. Using one Arduino which controlled the lights and one Arduino which worked as a weather station, they created a system which reduces the waiting-time for cyclists during bad weather. The Arduino’s worked simultaneously via a transfer protocol and were implemented in a working prototype.


This group made a Smart Storage. This is a cabinet and fridge that keeps track of what’s inside it. The amount is shown on a screen attached to the storage and when a product is longer than thirty minutes out of the cabinet or fridge, you get a push notification on your smartphone. The idea behind this concept is that you don’t run out of food but also that you don’t buy to much food. So it’s also a prevention of food going bad.

The Looove Room

Your student room turns cosy when you enter it with someone who you “really like”. If you both stand on the doormat, curtains will close automatically and matching sound and light will turn on. This project was built into a small size prototype to picture the fully working concept. More details can be found here. View from through the hole (prototype is not turned on).

Sleep to the beat

In the second module of CreaTe we had to think of a smart environment and make this into a prototype. In a group of four we thought of ‘Sleep to the beat’. Sleep to the beat is created to help you fall asleep. It consists of a glove which measures your heartbeat. This glove is connected to a speaker. The speaker starts playing calming music as soon as it measures a heartbeat and stops when the heartbeat has dropped a certain amount. This is because of your heartbeat dropping when you have fallen asleep. (click on the following picture for more information). smartenvironment

Home Sapiens

A system which checks the locks, water tap and lights before you go to sleep. If something is still on or unlocked, you hear a voice message. firstyearproject

Second Year : Intelligent Interaction Design (Module 6)

PD Bracelet

Floris Veldhuizen, Tycho Teesselink, Eva Velt, Gerben Meijer and Gelieke Steeghs By using knowledge from the field of music therapy, we created an interactive wearable device for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The device

provides auditory and tactile cues, meaning that it plays music and applies vibration to the wrist at a certain BPM (beats per minute). The goal is to help Parkinson’s patients gain back some control over their movements, particularly their walking gait. Future of the project: As of the future, we are currently participating in the Young Talent SpinAwards, in which you can win prizes for creative concepts. IMG_7547 copy copy

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Konrad Ukens, Lucienne de With, Jeroen Weener, Sander Hetebrij DoC: Virtual reality exposure therapy; controlled conditions inside of a virtual reality environment in which people with fears of insects can confront their fear, knowing that it is not real Future of the project: hopefully we can continue the project in some way, or at least pass our research on to others in the field. Capture2


Selwyn Nypels, Melcher Stikkelorum, Max Mensing, Kilian Ros, Jan Jaap de Groot The goal of the TOBI application is to simplify the identification part of online banking. After conducting interviews and surveys we decided to focus on facial recognition. We are able to read a photo from an official identification document with the help of NFC. The user only needs to take a photo – we compare it against the previously retrieved photo – and if it’s a high enough match, you are logged in. 1


Roberto Campisi, Kells Hsiao, Jorien Kip, Yannick Mijsters, Paul Verhoeven MeedUP is a social application for smartphones meant for children. It can be used for several social and outdoor activities and allows users to create groups for private conversations.


Levin Pablo Trautwein, Breus Blaauwendraad, Luc Jansen, Gerwin Puttenstein Giving students the opportunity to enrich their cooking habits and have more healthy and diverse diets. Make cooking fun! Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-21 um 18.36.56

Title: E-app

Koen Reefman, Kelly van Tol, Dennis Cai, Jan-Willem Nijhuis and Roseidys Primera Our mission is to create a platform which makes it easier, simple and more manageable for the elderly to also harness the power of information technology and its devices. With this application the mailing system is simplified, to the point where the least amount of errors is made. The E-APP, effortless, easy and error-less. e-app_picture_1

25 yo Creative Technology student from France "Quelle est votre plus grande ambition dans la vie ?" "Devenir immortel... et puis... mourir."

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