5 Things CreaTe Girls Want in CreaTe Guys

5 Things CreaTe Girls Want in CreaTe Guys

The gala is coming fast dude, so you better give your A-game to attract the ladies. Why? It’s a leap year, which means that the girls can now

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choose their guys… Therefore, we went on an investigation to find out what the CreaTe girls like.

1. Looking Good! It’s a bit straight forward, but the guy needs to look good. So when does a guy look good? There is something called ‘smart-looking’ which is basically a sort of a business-nerdy look. I know for sure you can get this look for a cheap price at the Primark in the city center

. giphy1

2. Social nerd It’s something that we also have in our Proto-song: Social Nerds, we call ourselves. That is because we work with computers, but still are able to talk to humans (unlike our friends from IT sometimes). giphy

3. Entrepreneurial Spirit Girls don’t want a guy that is too humble or silent, but someone active with bright ideas who wants to DO stuff. No ideas are weird enough for those CreaTe girls.

giphy (1)

4. Potential to become rich and famous Start that startup or that vlog and call RTL! The girls dig that. Why? Because no one likes to live in a box or drive an Opel Corsa (I can make that joke, because I have one), but you want to drive that Maserati or Tesla Model S. Talking about Tesla’s, did you know that they are trying to make four different cars in the future? The Model S and Model X are already announced, but the other one will probably be Model Y and Model E, which is SEXY!

giphy (2)

5. Culturally interested Are you already in the Culture Committee? Good for you, because your fellow female kind likes that. Bring that girl to the museum or go to a concert: it’s a guaranteed pink letter for the gala! giphy (3)


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