First and Second year Projects Showcase April 16′

First and Second year Projects Showcase April 16′

Creative Technology has a core principle: to make its students deliver functional concepts, whether it is technically, economically and/or philosophically. A perfect combination might sound impossible, but it is in the end what motives us to dedicate our time to these final projects.

The previous modules, “Living and Working Tomorrow” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, pushed our students to deliver once again inspiring technological ideas. This article is meant as a recap, you can also see the previous modules here and there.


First Year: Living and Working Tomorrow Projects (Module 3)

For this module the students needed to image future solutions for a fast changing society using human-computer interaction design. These projects were made in collaboration with several companies around Enschede.

LoRaWAN/IoT (Adam Bako, Sjoerd Baarslag, Thijs Berends, Vasco van Pinxteren, Maarten Bontenbal)

This project contains a network of RFID enabled poles connected via LoRaWAN, which gives the possibility for a wide-range and low-power wireless connection. These poles can be used for multiple purposes such as voting for a public survey, information points, but also for an interesting gaming-experience, as shown in the demo-setup.


“Our client was really enthusiastic about the gaming-idea, so we developed that into a working prototype.”

Rolling Ball Sculpture (Gijs Verhoeven, Karsten Dietvorst, Philippe Tuinman, Pepijn Peeters, Sun Ok)

This rolling ball sculpture can be used to make people more aware of time, due to it’s shape and the synchronized speed between two rolling balls. The project was made using mainly lasercuted-wood, put together with a plastic tube.


“The hourglass-shape is simple, but effective. People immediately understand that this project is about time.”

Brainstorm Space (Mark Kenny Williams, Arnav Mundkur, Robin van Soelen, Sevim Aktas, Jaimy de Kok, Robin Fabianek)

This device recognizes which words are being said multiple times in a conversation, searches images relevant to those words and puts them up at a screen/wall. The project works with a microphone along Processing and Google’s speech-assistant.


“Don’t say playboy too many times!”

Mood Sensing (Ruben Brouwer, Kaj Hobeyn, Florian Naumilkat, Sefora Tunç, Gerke van Essen)

This mood-sensing t-shirt translates your mood into a certain color, displayed by the led-strips in the T-shirt. To present a working prototype the team used Arduino, heart-rate sensor, LED-strips and a beautiful white t-shirt.


“With our project, social connections will become easier to handle and more sincere.”

Brain Design (Max van Vugt, Julia Pühl, Karen Sturm, Sarah Hoekstra)

This design-project delivers trendy EEG-wearables, instead of the standard ones. Using foam models combined with electronic components, the team decided to iterate on the idea that wearable headsets might take very unconventional shapes in the future.


“In the future, even more designs and sizes will be available, as well as a webpage where people can order them.”

Garduino (Daniëlle Kwakkel, Thijs van Vliet, David Vrijenhoek, Quinton Denman, Jan Andres Galvan)

The garduino makes gardening easier by constantly monitoring the soil conditions. The project is mainly powered by an Arduino board.



 “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Projects (Module 7)

This module’s project is an exception in Creative Technology as it does not require a working prototype or even any physical proof of concept. The idea was to build a complete business plan for a technological product, documenting realistically its feasibility on a specific market.

Docado (Aart, Oscar, Fang, Kelly, Josef)

Docado is a system that measures fruit’s ripeness and is meant for food producers and distributors. The aim is to help this industry to control the quality of the distributed products. 


Breathles (Robin Schmidt, Merel Meekes, Jules van Dijk,  Koen Smetsers)

This application was made to assist people with asthma in their everyday life by tracking their medication history to create alarms but also to simply provide advices.breathles

AER (Nick Schijvens, Mark de Boer, Eline Oppewal, Pablo Levin, Max Mensing)

This camera frame is designed to be thrown away to capture stabilized footages, so you can take aerial pictures/videos without using a drone but by simply throwing your GoPro camera.

Tales by Dotell (Heleen Kok, Gerben Timmermans, Konrad, Felicia Rindt, Jorien Kip)

This project imagined a concept that combines a very old habit with cutting edge technology: a greeting card with personalized holograms to be sent to friends and family. This system works with a QR code and an acrylic prism to display the hologram from any smartphone.

Nolon (Thérèse Bergsma, Hinke Bosch, Justin Krooneman, Birgit Maas, Roseidys Primera)

An online platform to share skills from retired people to active adults. Based on online social network models, this tool would help everyday people to save money on several tasks with the help and experience of elderly people.

NaviLights by inCompetent engineers (Stijn Wolters, Timo Slob, Eva Velt, Juliette Hoedemakers)

A set of lights blinking up/down/left/right to send directions without having to look at your phone’s screen. Powered via Bluetooth and a smartphone, it allows cyclists to enjoy online navigation without any distractions.

You will be inCompetent hands

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