12 Types of Project Members you will encounter in CreaTe

12 Types of Project Members you will encounter in CreaTe

As a CreaTe students you will have to participate in a minimum of 8 projects during your Bachelor program. You will discover different approaches, explore different fields and most importantly learn how to collaborate efficiently with different personalities.

These are the 12 project member you will encounter (or already have encountered).

This article was written in collaboration with Dennis Vinke.

1. The “I Have No Clue What I’m Doing” Type


Do not expect that person to explain what the project is about at the end presentation: he/she did not have any clue about the scope and goals the whole time. He won’t even be able to answer any project-related questions during the final presentation. While this project member isn’t the worst (he/she will try to help!) and can eventually contribute a little bit, it can be very annoying to deal with his/her ignorance at the end of the project.

2. The Secretary


Let’s be honest : you need a secretary and you will be glad someone focused on the documentation. But be careful: that person might still not have a clue on how the project actually works in the end. There’s no shame in being a secretary but it should be a shared job and not a unique role for “that person” that could not make any other contribution.

3. The REAL Project Group Member


GET SHIT DONE” is his/her motto. Most of the project is actually made by this person. From the first working prototype delivered within the first week towards the final one, this project member contributes with nothing but high quality input. In the worst case scenario the project would entirely be credited to that person.

4. The Eternal Student


Student since the year 2000; the project member who would claim “Oh yeah I remember that: it’s easy!” or “I already did that: it’s bullshit!” and would still fail the course. This person can come in many different flavors but there’s one parameter that never changes: he/she’s at least 5 years older than you and might just have close friends in the study’s staff.

5. The Ghost


That person might or might not be physically present, but that doesn’t matter. He/she’s absent from the project. If you try to assign the Ghost a task, don’t expect anything good from it. Among the classic excuses for that person you’ll find: “Sorry I’m super busy” (implying the rest of the group isn’t), “I was sick for the past 5 meetings” (meaning you should feel bad for expecting me to be there) or the mysterious and convenient “I’m having personal problem” (and it’s none of your business). Would ask shamelessly “Is there anything I can do?” when everything is finished.

6. The “We Will Do It My Way” Type


Whatever the scope or goals of the project, this person will only work on something that fits their current tastes. This person will never discuss or negotiate, only his/her opinion counts even when it has nothing to do with the actual subject: “I only want to work with drones”, “There must be an iPhone app”, “Yes this, but in a VR game!” (repeated after each idea iteration) are the kind of sentences you’ll hear for that guy. Eventually won’t contribute or try to sabotage the project if another topic is picked by the group.

7. The “Donald”


“I have a dream! A dream where the world is separated by a wall. Not just a normal wall, but a wall paid not by us, but the people that want us to do this freaking assignments!”

Populists like these are the most dangerous people to have around. These orange haired, small handed monsters are a master of deceit and aggressive behaviour to bend the will of the populous to their hand. While a troop under the command of this so called Trump can be very motivated, productive and achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams, the influence the Donald has in reality is limited to petty words. If you know a Donald, do not fall for their ruse.

8. The “Dolan”


Were the last guy is the insinuator of everything good or bad that is happening in your project group, this human being is the soul culprit that the Donald can stir up the feelings in a group effectively. What is worse than immediately after the Donald states something powerful, the Dolan delivers a passionate speech or oneliner that in essence has the same core message to strengthen insecurity created in the group by said Donald. And the other side, because the Dolan can only copy beliefs, this being is harmless on its own.

9. The Peacekeeper


Whenever a heated discussion shows up, there is always this one individual that uses everything in their power to extinguish the fires. While this person could be a great addition to most project teams, one should also question themselves what the positive feedback of fierce arguments can add to a well functioning team.

10. The Good Guy


In a project there is always that one guy or gal that is just there and does whatever is asked of this project member. Like you would suspect of this fellow victim shaped through project work, the good guy will flow with whatever the majority of the project members decides on. He/she can also get the “boring” stuff done (e-mail teachers/professional, rent materials, …) but do not expect more than you asked, because we both know that will never happen.   

11. The “I’ll Make It Pretty” type


We all know this one person, whose single purpose in life is to make a project so fancy, normal mortals can not mutter words to describe it. “Hardware? I don’t get that part, so I don’t care. Just make it fit in this beautiful little box I designed. What, it does not work when it is placed inside the box? Make it work then!”

Discussions like these are something you have to deal with, because in the end we all know that fancy little box will be the difference between a six and a nine.

12. The Audentis Guy


Another type of group member that we all have experience with in one way or another: the Audentis guy. This person is always late and when this guy finally shows up hours later, it is not without a hangover. It is also the guy that will try to persuade the group with memorable quotes like; “let’s stop now, cause it is due in two days” or “let’s take a break and drink or smoke now”.

A simple way to recognize this member type, is by how the voice of this person changes between the first and second module. Do not forget that while it is called the Audentis guy, this classification is not limited solely to the male species.

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  1. S says:

    You clearly forgot The Complainer.

    This person makes sure the group doesn’t start any later than 8:45 using arguments like “We have to start early because I want to have a good product at the end”, and will relentlessly complain about everybody showing up at 8:46 or later. As the first miscommunications occur, this person knows exactly who’s fault it is and will use any means to make clear that it was a big, big error. They are also the first to ask for a Yellow Card, discard members of the group completely or exit the group themselves. At the end of the project, a quick assessment of who-did-what shows that this person did remarkably little for the final product.

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