10 Movies you must watch as a CreaTer

10 Movies you must watch as a CreaTer

Weekend is nearly there, so you may have some time left and there is nothing better than whatching some movies. No inpiration? No problem, here are 10 movies you must watch as a CreaTer.

1. Gattaca (1997)

This movie tells a story about a world in which children are conceived by genetic manipulation. A man, Vincent Freeman, born without any genetic manipulation can’t follow his dream to go into space because of the genetic discrimination that divides the perfect genetic manipulated people from the common man.
This movie shows the chasing of dreams and the ability to think outside the box. Just like us CreaTers. It shows us to keep on dreaming, for that everything is possible.

2. Catfish (2010)

This title may sound very familiar if you watch MTV often. Catfish is a series often shown at this channel, but there is also a movie. The documentary is about Nev’s own story, about how he fell in love with this girl online and went looking for her in real life.
We, CreaTers, love the internet and this movie shows the lies of the digital world. It gives us a little heads up to be careful who to trust, but also shows everybody has his own story and own reasons.

3. WALL-E (2008)

This movie features WALL-E, a small waste processing robot with a childish innocence and curiosity. After being alone for over 700 years, he gets a visit from an advanced and beautiful robot called EVE. He can’t help falling in love and in willing to follow her through the entire universe.
Besides the underlying warning of fast developing robots, it’s a heartwarming love story that gives us CreaTers a moment to relax and let us be charmed by this cute little robot. Nobody can resist WALL-E with his human characteristics and emotions.

4. Avatar (2009)

Jake, a wheelchair bound marine, goes on a mission to distant world. He works for a company which has the goal to mine the precious materials that can be found there. Jake begins with the mission to exchange information for spinal surgery, but ends up torn between his orders and the world he feels like he belongs to.
CreaTe is all about creativity and the ability to make inspiring things, that’s a reason why we can appreciate this inspiring movie. The special effects create the breathtaking and stunning visual world of Avatar, which is a treat of its own. Combine that with some drama and fantasy and our mind is blown.

5. The Matrix (1999)

‘The Matrix’ is about a world in which humans are slaves and used as a power source. Everything we feel, hear and see is a lie. The reality is not so real as we thought it was. With the goal to free humans from a dream Neo starts the quest to defeat the artificial intelligence within the Matrix.
This movie is a vision of virtual reality and as CreaTers we can totally approve of that. With a combination of a futuristic view and an extremely entertaining story it is certainly a movie worth watching.

6. Her (2013)

‘Her’ is a romantic drama about a lonely writer who has a problem with connection with people falling in love with an operating system. The movie relies on real world emotions and combines them with a rather new view of dating a computer, which is still understandable in our eyes.
CreaTe is all about human interaction and combining the newest technologies with the society, so this movie is the perfect fit. ‘Her’ shows the possible future and effect of an operating system which is be able to evolve on her own by learning.

7. The Social Network (2010)

‘The social network’ is a drama based on the foundation of a social network we all know: Facebook. It is about a student that has no place in social hierarchy but understands all about it. This story about lawsuits, determination, isolation and betrayal is packed with energy and rather compelling.
CreaTers be careful, yet another danger of the internet is shown. Although some technologies may evolve, the greedy human nature will not. This movie will show you not to get lost in envy, greed and resentment and the consequences of it.

8. Jobs (2013)

This movie is about one of the most famous entrepreneur in history. This movie tell his story and the story of Jobs as he changes technology and lets nothing stand in his way.
This movie is especially for the Apple lovers among us. Its insightful and contains details that Apple fanatics will love.

9. Inferno (2016)

Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Florence with amnesia. After getting shot at by the police, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks. Langdon is hunted by visions of the dammed from Dante’s Inferno. Together with Brooks they travel across Europe following clues and riddles to help them stop a deadly virus from releasing.
The story is amazing and has some amazing plot twists. It leaves you wanting more and keeps you captivated thorough. The underlying story of overpopulation and its consequences are hard facts and leaves you wondering what will happen in the future and if we, as CreaTers, can do something with our skills to help.

10. Despicable Me (2010)

This comedy is about Gru, a supervillain with secretly a big heart. He adopts three orphaned little girls and gets the challenge of being a dad while trying to concur the world together with the well-known minions.
Besides that it’s a computer-animated comedy, it doesn’t have a lot to do with technology or the relation between tech and humans. It’s just an amazing and funny movie, the kind we as CreaTers can really appreciate.


  1. Rens Kruining says:

    Another awesome create movie, as quite a few of us believe it to be, is Big Hero 6. Mix in gadgets, robotics and science-fiction-like mechanics, a fight vetween good and evil and discover the consequences technology might have.
    A compelling animation with, action, humor and lots of easter eggs.

    Thanks for the good read!

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