Create Tomorrow: Sign up now!

Create Tomorrow: Sign up now!

It is not uncommon that a Creative Technologist is a bit lost when it comes to applying their newly learned skills. Apart from the tinkering at home to make a flashing LED or programming a Tetris clone, CreaTers are not often challenged to their full potential until after their studies. For these people, there is Create Tomorrow.

The world’s largest student think tank, Create Tomorrow, is organised every two years by the Student Union to challenge anyone who feels up to it. Create Tomorrow is a day with more than one thousand students from all over the Netherlands, where you work in teams on cases that find their origins in corporate life. One day, teams of 6 to 8 students, endless possibilities. It’s the perfect event for CreaTe students to show off their creative problem solving skills. It is a day full of entertainment, inspiration and innovative solutions. To top it all off: there’s a €4000.- price to be won for the team with the best idea!

What makes Create Tomorrow so special?

I asked this very question to Michelle ten Pas from External Relations and ICT at Create Tomorrow. As it turns out, Create Tomorrow is not only remarkable for its size, they also have a tonnes of awesome activities and extras.

“Besides the more serious part, the event is also about having a fun and inspiring day with entertainment, food and drinks. The day will be guided and presented by a famous Dutch host! This year there are multiple pretty big names: Rik van de Westelaken, Diggy Dex and Barteljaap from Rundfunk. Loads of consultants walk around to assist you.”

What they did not mention in the interview is the big afterparty to finish the day off!

The Create Tomorrow team. Left to right: Michelle ten Pas, Nicole Russchen, Tinka Valentijn, Mechiel van Manen, Eric Kamphuis.

An opportunity extraordinaire

Organisations and companies such as Albert Heijn, Rijkswaterstaat and the City of Enschede are a couple of many participants. Internationally, there are companies like Thales present, and the consultants applications have been filled by Capgemini and Rosen Group. This gives a really neat indication of the level of work you can expect.

You also do not have to worry about extensive scheduling: the team of Create Tomorrow talked to Alma Schaafstal to make sure you have the whole day off so you can join the event!

Live far away from Enschede but want to be at every activity? Create Tomorrow offers accommodation for people coming from outside of Enschede. If you want to stay the night before and/or after the event on the university’s campus. It is possible to book a bed in a log cabin at €13 per night!

Not sure how to form a group on your own?

Educational committee Atlantis is trying to form groups with the interested students. Atlantis would like to form multidisciplinary teams with students from other study programmes, such as CreaTe! They have made a sign-up sheet via which students can sign up if they want, so they can form a group with students from other associations. If you want to use this way of signing up, make sure to do it no later than 10th of April. Of course, there is still the option to form your own team or sign up individually, for which the date is mentioned below.


The event will take place on the 3rd of May at the Ganzenveld of the University of Twente. Students can register  individually or in teams of maximally 8 people until 16th of April at The sign up on the day itself starts at 8:30. At 9:30 the official opening of the event starts, with the afterparty starting at 22:00. Costs are €50 per team or €7 for individuals. This price includes lunch, dinner, drinks and an awesome day!

If all these cool things haven’t persuaded you yet, I don’t know what will.

For more information go to or follow them on Facebook at

Go forth and sign up if you’re up for a nice challenge!

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