CreaTional Geographic

CreaTional Geographic

During the graduation semester of CreaTe, students have to choose a ‘real world challenge’.  One of these is Documentary Practice, in which they are challenged to make a documentary related to their graduation project. If you missed the chance to see the premiere of these masterpieces during the demo day, fear not because I picked three films shown this afternoon to have another run here.

The True Winter Sport Feeling

Lex Favrin’s documentary is all about winter sport, combining his very personal experiences with some on the spot journalism. Combined with his graduation project, in which he will be looking at combining VR with winter sport, this documentary helped him explore his topic in a more broad sense.

Life through the lens of Data Visualization

Roseidys Primera is deeply focused on data visualization. Again, this is a very personal experience. ‘It’s about the journey through the eyes of a student finding out the purpose and effects of visual representation of the information around her’ as she explains the film herself. Her graduation project is focused on creating a web interface about the different sorts of data visualization. This interface should help exploring the design space within the data visualization universe.

The Cyber Adoption

My own documentary is slightly different from the other two, using an approach focused on using absurdity to convey a message to the viewers. And this all is to discover how people really experience robots and to get an idea what our future will be like. This is all part of my orientation on developing a body shell for a robot as part of my graduation project, to see how people look at these future companions.

Even at the end of this study, I always find it quite stunning to see how quickly students can make these projects. Even more when you think of the limited budget, time span and all other activities they come across. Because, let’s be honest, making a documentary while graduating gives quite a substantial workload.

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